Catalyst Strategies

Formed by Ann Witsil in 1990, Catalyst Strategies brings Ann’s experience of more than 25 years as corporate executive, organizational strategist and entrepreneur to each unique consulting relationship.

About Ann

Ann has facilitated strategic planning and leadership development services for local, regional and global organizations for more than 25 years.  Her work has enabled government agencies, international corporations, community groups and business teams to develop strategies, policies, new business lines and effective cultures.  Ann has BA degree in Government from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, an MBA in finance and marketing from the Johnson Graduate School, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and is certified in numerous facilitation techniques. Previously, Ann was VP of Strategic Planning and Market Research for US Bancorp, and, later, Director of Strategic Licensing with Nike Equipment.  She serves on international boards addressing environmental, social equity, and community economic development and educational challenges.

At A Glance

  • Strategic planning facilitation and implementation alignment
  • Board and team leadership training and development
  • Comprehensive organizational assessments
  • New business development; public/private partnerships; cross-sector collaborations
  • Effective operational strategies and performance monitoring.


Key LeadershipAccomplishments

  • Vice President, US Bancorp Strategic Planning and Market Research, 1980-90, during significant international expansion.
  • New License and Strategic Planning Director, Nike Equipment. Led successful development and global launch of innovative high tech sports performance and music business line, creating new marketing channels for future growth.
  • Developed profitable, enhanced employee benefits service businesses sold wholesale to national health benefits corporations.
  • Formed and facilitated a professional network of WestCoast corporate executives addressing human resource strategies.
  • Interim Executive Director for several regional charitable organizations.
  • Strategic advisor to US Congressman, East and West coast mayoral candidates, County Executive and Portland City Commissioner.
  • Director for national and regional boards including Smith College Alumni Association, Board of Directors, Global Advisory Network for World Pulse, and Friends of Columbia Gorge, Philanthropy Group.


Ann enjoys backcountry skiing, kayaking, squash, exploring and appreciating wilderness with her family and dog, Cooper.


Holly Mercer, former Executive Director, Oregon state Board of Nursing

"Ann's energy and adept facilitation helped our management team create a clear vision of where we want to be and how we're going to get there... Having an objective, strategic, facilitator was essential. Our leadership was changing, service demand kept surging, and resources were stretched".

Other Testimonials

"Ann tactfully guided our team to understand each other better and find ways to collaborate on some key initiatives we wouldn’t have been able to tackle on our own."

"Ann helped us look at our services and our people resources from fresh angles. We came up with new ways to work across divisions that has everyone charged and focused."