Catalyst Strategies is a management consulting firm that facilitates strategic solutions and execution for organizations, communities and interest groups.  We help groups listen, create shared visions and design the road maps. We support successful execution.

Founded in 1990 by Ann Witsil, Catalyst Strategies brings to each engagement a breadth of experience and the understanding of what it takes to forge a new path with intentional impact.

A former executive with global corporations, Nike Inc. and US Bancorp, Ann has led strategic planning and business development teams to clarify strategic directions, innovate best practices, and integrate diverse talent and perspectives for a more vibrant, continual learning and responsible organization.  As co-owner and manager of several small corporations, Ann brings hands-on game skills.

Over the past 15 years, Ann has focused her services on supporting dynamic leadership in nonprofit and public policy services through facilitating strategic planning, board leadership development and executive coaching.

Through opportunities to assist leadership across a diversity of industries and institutions, Ann has a keen appreciation for the creative, collective potential that flows from facilitating diverse perspectives on shared interests.

Whether on public-health care reform, educational structures, environmental protection, effective government policy, NGO and international nonprofit social services  - the impact resulting from bringing diverse voices together to listen, understand, and clarify shared values and visions is unlimited.   We are more insightful and create more impact with broader understanding; we are better together.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and implementation facilitation

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Board Leadership Training

Non-profit board leadership development

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching and management team training

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Facilitating groups to collective understanding

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